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Patricia Weber

Hello Martine,
Were are back in France !
We had a excellent flight on Omanair, the plane was half empty!
One thousand thanks to you Martine for letting us discover this beautiful country !…
I really appreciated you enthusiasm and your happiness in sharing the beauty of Oman Sultanate.
The program flow was perfect, the magnificent landscapes et the kindness of inhabitant were part of the success.
We certainly will strongly recommend this country.
I kiss you Martine, thank you again to take such a good care of us and good luck in your travels.
Patricia Weber

Benjamin Bérard

Hi Martine,
We are back in France, I thank you for this discovery of Oman and its exceptional richness. For sure, we’ll be back to visit other part of the country.
We have been thrilled by this tour with Nabhan, especially the 2 days with camping in the desert dunes. Please convey my sincere thanks to him.
My only regret not to have bought this magnificent Khanjar at Nizwa souk !
Thanks to you and I hope we will meet one day maybe.
All the best
Benjamin Berard

Arnaud et Virginie

Hello Martine,
I was part of the Mercedes group 1st session, and I wanted to thank you.
Your passion for Oman was contagious and I am sure she has invaded many of us. J have rarely experienced guide as you, it was a real treat, it was really perfect and you hold your role perfectly.
Thank you again.
Hoping maybe you recross one day, good road to you.
My spouse and I
Arnaud and Virginia

Herma vos

Geweldig Martine ! Wat een land ! En wat heb je een geweldige energie !! TOT ZIENS !!!
“Super Martine, what a beautiful country, what energy. SEE YOU SOON!!”